Portugal 2020


Internationalization Plan of Valente & Lopes

Knowledge of foreign markets (Fairs/Exhibitions)
Presence on the web, through digital economy
Prospecting and presence in international markets (Prospecting and attracting new customers)
International Marketing
Introduction of new business practices or organization in external relations

VALENTE & LOPES Lda. is already a reference in the domestic market, in the field of awnings and metal-textile covers, with also some notoriety in some foreign markets where it operates a few years ago, particularly in Spain and France.
The company adopts a strategy of innovation and product development, presenting customers with high-quality solutions and added value.
After leading the domestic market, its international strategy now passes by strengthening its position among the markets where it already operates and by the beginning of the exploration of new markets across borders, to sustain their growth, development and its competitive advantages.
In this way, the company outlined a strategy of internationalization, for the prospecting of external markets (through trips), either by participation in various fairs of reference construction and automobile sectors. This strategy will be complemented by an improvement of the means of communication and dissemination of the company.
It is intended that all these investments would result in an increase in international market share of Valente & Lopes Lda., boosting its growth and subsequent development.

Schedule and investment

Project code: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-013268
Main objective: 
Reinforcement and competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention: 
Date of approval: 
Start date:
Number of Months: 24,00
End date: 2018-01-17
Total eligible cost: 210,767.77€

Global Investment: 94.845,50€


Expansion of production capacity, with internationalization and improvement of efficiency in the production of cover structures and steel structures for automatic car wash.

Creation of a new establishment
Diversification of production of an establishment
Essential change in the overall production process of an existing establishment

VALENTE & LOPES Lda., with the implementation of the project, will transfer its production line of current facilities, inadequate and strenuous to its growth strategy, to new premises, which will have a rational and functional layout, appropriate to the company’s strategy.
Then the company will be able to install all of your current production equipment, as well as the new equipment (the purchase), technologically evolved to a higher quality production and productivity. Will still be installed cranes and stackers for a correct handling of materials in space and between ships.
The growth strategy through a greater control of the various stages of the production process to guarantee and optimize the quality of the final product. It is the intention of the company lessen its dependence on third parties, integrating on its various operations which currently value subcontracts.
The project will able Valente & Lopes Lda. to establish technology and skills towards increases in productive capacity and productivity gains and efficiency are essential to respond to the requests of the markets, contributing to its sustained growth and development. Acquire equipment more efficient, fast and productive. In some stages of the process, the company will be twice as productive capacity.
Will also create, in the period of project implementation, various jobs for various functional areas (production, quality, R&D and commercial).

Schedule and investment
Start date: 2015-10-01
Number of months: 24,00
End date: 2017-09-30
Eligible Investment 1.318.814,80 €
Global Investment
791.288,88 €